iFundRehabs is America's #1 Fix & Flip / Rental / Equity Cash-Out Lender!

We also specialize in commercial real estate and new construction lending. With rates as low as 4%, we have helped over 10,000 Real Estate Investors nationwide!

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Whether you're a seasoned investor or planning on starting, iFundRehabs can get you the funding you need for your investment properties!

With lightning-fast approvals, iFundRehabs is your best option for real-estate investment funding! Whether you're purchasing 1 or 20 investment properties, we've got you covered. We also cash-out investment properties up to 80% LTV!


Fix & Flip Loans

  • No experience required for loan
  • Fix & Flip lines of credit starting at 6.99% up to $10m
  • Financing up to 100% of purchase, 95% rehab or 75% ARV.

New Construction

  • Get funding for ground-up construction and land acquisition
  • Loans from $150k - $3mm
  • Funding up to: 75% of land value 95% of construction budget 75% LTV

Rental Property Loans

  • Rental & Portfolio loans available
  • 5.50 - 9.00% Loan amounts $75k - $1.5M
  • No personal income verification

Bridge Loans

  • Lighting fast approvals
  • No Pre-Payment penalty
  • Minimum property value $75k

Equity Cash-Out

  • Get up to 80% LTV
  • Investment properties equity cash-out
  • Owner occupied for business purpose only cash-out

Commercial Real Estate

  • Get up to 80% LTV
  • Mixed Use, Office, Restaurants and Many More
  • Get funded in as little as 2 weeks!


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iFundRehabs has funded over $1b in the real-estate investment space, with an average turn time of just 7 business days!


Once your deal is done we will be here to fund your next one! We are a relationship-based lender so every deal you complete with us will make you eligible for lower future rates!


To be massively successful in the fix & flip game requires speed-to-market and a scalability factor that allows you turn and burn deals without delay. At iFundRehabs.com we pride ourselves on our ability to fund our clients quickly and efficiently, so that they can increase their ROI through high-volume turnoverusing short-term financing. Based on feedback from thousands of clients, these are the top questions we get asked

1 - What is Fix & Flip Funding?

Fix & Flip Funding, Hard Money Loans and Private Money Loans are all terms used to describe short-term financing that is secured by real estate. Generally speaking, they are funded by private investors who are represented by a lending institution (like us), and offer higher interest rates, but lower qualifications needed to get approved. Payments are set up as interest-only, with a balloon payment at the end of the term, or once the rehabbed property is sold.

2- Isn't this type of funding expensive?

Fix & Flip Funding carries a higher interest rate than traditional lenders (we charge 6.99% - 12%, DOE and credit) however the advantages to this lending model include easy qualifications, funding for the rehab, and funds being available in as little as 7 days. Experienced fix & flippers use these loans to compete for better deals with faster turnaround times, which will offset the difference in cost compared to a traditional real estate loan.

3- If we borrow money won't that lower our ROI since the overhead is bigger?

Having access to quick funding gives you the opportunity to acquire more (and possibly better) properties since you can close within a matter of weeks, compared to the traditional lending model. For any seasoned fix & flip investor, this is key to their continued success and offsets any disparity in a lowered ROI since they can fund multiple properties in a short amount of time.

4- I need funding ASAP! How do I get funded in as little as 7 days?

The adage we live by is, we work as fast as you do. Assuming you gave us all of the relevant documentation on day 1 and we ordered an appraisal same day, we could technically get you funded 6 days later.* Though possible, this option requires extreme dedication and laser focus. To find out more about getting funded in as little as 7 days please give us a call at (855)FUND-REI.

*Results vary based on circumstances. Sometimes appraisals can take longer than expected, and this is especially true if you have more than 1 unit that needs to be inspected (i.e multifamily, or apartment complexes).