Top 10 Reasons to use Rental360 Loans

Top 10 Reasons to use Rental360 Loans

Here are some of the top reasons why iFundRehabs’ Rental360 Buy and Hold Investment Property Loan Program works for everyone!


When thinking about getting a loan for an investment property, one company comes to mind, iFundRehabs — we have helped thousands of real-estate investors purchase buy & hold properties for the past decade and will continue to do so!


Here are the Top 10 reasons our Rental360 Program is for You:


  1. NO credit reporting! With Rental360 we do NOT report to your personal FICO. A simple one page app and a credit check is ALL we need to get the ball rolling on your buy & hold loan!
  2. FAST CLOSE. With iFundRehabs, our application to close time on Rental360 loans is 7-14 days! As long as the buyer meets the very few requirements for a buy & hold loan, you will be on your way to your new investment property!
  3. ASSET BASED LENDING. At iFundRehabs, all of our loans our asset based. That means that we go off the appraised value of your potential investment property.
  4. NO INCOME QUALIFICATION. When applying for a Rental360 loan you will not be asked to share your personal income for verification on a buy & hold loan.
  5. NATIONWIDE LENDER. With the exception of a few states, iFundRehabs is a nationwide lender for buy & hold rental properties. Rental360 loans are taking over the market!
  6. AGENTS YOU CAN TRUST. iFundRehabs only employs the most knowledgeable Rental360 loan agents so you can be rest assured you will be treated with the utmost respect.
  7. NO TAX DOCS REQUIRED. When opening a Rental360 loan, you will not be asked for tax documents during the initial underwriting process of your buy & hold loan.
  8. LOANS MADE FOR REAL-ESTATE INVESTORS. All of our loans are tailored to new AND seasoned real-estate investors. You can be sure your loan will be closed in a professional and timely manner.
  9. AFTER HOURS AGENTS. We get it, you’re busy! So we have agents on hand after hours to secure your documents and answer any questions you may have about our Rental360 loan program!
  10. LOAN AMOUNTS. At iFundRehabs our Rental360 loan amounts start at $50,000 and go all the way up to $5,000,000!

If you have any questions about a buy & hold Rental360 loan please contact us today!